Northside Festival 2010: Four Days of Music, Film & Art in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

03/24/2010 3:55 PM |


Remember last summer, when the Hold Steady, Sunset Rubdown, the Dodos, Woods, Real Estate, Kurt Vile and more than 250 other bands played at various venues throughout the north side of Brooklyn during a four-day span, Bedford Avenue was closed to traffic on a Saturday afternoon, free Heineken was served on rooftops, and it only rained once during the entire weekend? Yeah, that was the Northside Festival, and since we’re tired of being jealous of Austin, Texas for four days every spring, we’ve decided to make it an annual event. So get ready: This year it’s taking place June 24-27, and Radiohead, Jay-Z and Arcade Fire are playing, plus there will be a special Round Robin set by Kanye and Lady Gaga, a kissing booth with She & Him, and a Dan Deacon show in your apartment.

…So those last few bits may or may not actually be happening, but we do promise more than 250 bands, 30-plus showcases curated by New York tastemakers (independent labels, bloggers, promoters, radio stations and the like), film screenings, gallery exhibitions and special events all weekend throughout Williamsburg and Greenpoint. We’re pretty much fist-pumping the air as we type this, we’re so excited. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to in the coming weeks as we’ll be rolling out a long list of showcase presenters, bands and events, and you can fist-pump right along with us.

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