Northside Year 2: Let’s Do This

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03/05/2010 4:13 PM |

If you take a look up at that cloud there in the right-hand corner of your screen, you’ll notice the dates for this year’s Northside Festival: June 24-27. Four days of music, art, film and tacos from a truck on Bedford. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about it.

Like last year, everything will be taking place in Williamsburg and Greenpoint because walking long distances is a drag when there are bands to see and beer to drink, we mean seriously. Us here at The L Magazine will be booking a share of shows on our own, but, for a large chunk of the festival, we’ve once again handed over curatorial control to some of the most tasteful, talented and dedicated folks in New York’s independent music scene &#8212 record labels, bloggers, promoters and more &#8212 allowing them to showcase the bands they think you need to hear. The Williamsburg Gallery Association is again on board to highlight special exhibitions and other events at over 25 art galleries in the neighborhood. And to celebrate Northside’s second year, we’ve invited a few of the city’s biggest aficionados of independent film to curate four nights of New York-made movies at Brooklyn’s new, as-yet-unopened film house-music club-restaurant-bar, indieScreen.

In the coming months we’ll be announcing a slew of showcase presenters, gallery events, film screenings and, of course, bands, so keep your eyes peeled and your Twitter-fingers limber.