Obama Said He Would Drill for Oil, So Now He’s Going to Drill for Oil

03/31/2010 1:36 PM |

offshore oil drilling

  • There will be oil.

I’m not thrilled about the Obama Administration’s proposal to allow offshore oil drilling on previously restricted areas, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico (which is in enough trouble as it is).

Putting aside the obvious environmental impact (which is just depressing), the impending Climate Bill will be sad and frustrating for far more superficial reasons, mainly because it will follow a similar pattern to the Health Care Bill, i.e., “Here’s a bill with a lot of Republican ideas in it that is somehow being portrayed by Republicans as a socialist/communist/fascist/Muslim/Breatharian monstrosity.” So, once again, many Democrats will have to defend an ideologically compromised piece of legislation to a bunch of ideologues. Gah, exhausting.

Only slightly less frustrating will be the outrage from more progressive Democrats. You see, even though my sympathies lie with them, I can’t share their anger because this is exactly what Obama campaigned on, and insofar as I supported him then, it would seem a bit disingenuous to flip out now.