Ominous Volcano Eruption Ineffective Metaphor for Health Care Bill

03/24/2010 10:29 AM |


This weekend the volcano Eyjafjallajokull erupted in Iceland, which, though barely a blip as far as volcanoes go, has been historically linked to the larger and more devastating eruptions of Katla and Laki; scientists agree it is only question of when. If these much larger volcanoes are set off there could be very real global consequences—including prolonged winters with record low temperatures and record snow fall (as evidenced by the winter of 1784 in New Jersey; not to mention the poisonous smog clouds that killed many in the British Isles that same year). There will be tangible changes.

These geological events coincide with the passing of the noteworthy, yet ultimately benign and somewhat limited Health Care bill in America, and are a testament to mother nature’s ability to provide timely and apt metaphors for hope in regards to these troubling political times, if we only know where to look.

It would also help if we knew in what particular way to form the metaphor. Does the small eruption represent the bill, a necessary explosion to relieve pressure from the inevitable collapse of free-market health care in America? Are we just forestalling the need for truly universal health care? Or does the volcano symbolize the anger of the Tea Partiers (now in the minority of Americans who disapprove of the bill), which will one day erupt in civil war?

Man, I don’t know. Thanks for nothing, volcano.

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