On Hole’s “Skinny Little Bitch”

03/03/2010 4:07 PM |


If you must, click here to listen to a new Hole song called “Skinny Little Bitch,” which I have to believe is terrible enough to end the backlash to the Courtney Love backlash that’s been popping up from time to time in music critic circles on the internet of late. It’s an admittedly tidy, predictably bombastic piece of throwback alt-rock that was written in part by Linda Perry and Billy Corgan and ruined, at every turn, by Courtney Love. She strains to add grit to her vocals, failing to realize that her voice was always at its best not when she tried to sound tougher than she really was, but when she tried to sound softer than she ever was: when she quieted things down, but her voice was still so hoarse from all the screaming—that’s always been her sweet spot. It probably wouldn’t have mattered, though, considering the song’s lyrics, which I understand as a tirade against a younger, skinnier woman who’s, you know, fucking with her or something, but which also, to be fair, may be a letter from Old Courtney to Young Courtney. Regardless, it doesn’t ring true. I imagine some will see this as a sort of bullshit feminist anthem, about being proud of your size or your age, or just generally being resilient, and not, unfortunately, as the rantings of a washed-up fame-whore who’s never matured beyond the level of a high school student, and who’s so far up her own ass, so pleased with herself, so confident that she’s smarter than everyone else, that there’s little reason to think she’ll ever get her shit figured out. [Stereogum]

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  • Amrit: ffs means “fish for sale”

    Hole and GnR should tour together.

  • Fuck you, that woman has been through alot and is a very talented artist. What do YOU like? Lady Caca? Pssh.

  • Courtney has more street cred and style then you or any reviewer will ever have… because lets face it. Your on the sidelines and SHE is on the radio, internationally. The song is already a success and the album isn’t even out yet.

    Have fun making indie folk art rock… or politically charged hip hop, unless gay disco is more your bit awww heck lets not pretend that isn’t exactly what your into.

  • You CLEARLY have not heard the single. It’s impressive. The song was NOT written by Billy Corgan and Linda Perry. Not only are you ill informed, you clearly don’t care for ROCK music.

  • Well, I prefer “throwback alt-rock” to most of the codswaddle being produced today. The song rocks, dude.

  • All the upcoming tracks from the album are amazing…. separate the person from the artist…we are all human first.
    I’ve been waiting 2 years for this album and when I began to read this interview, I immediately realized who ever wrote it had a dislike for for CL long before they got their job assignment to write the review..I’m with “muscleboundH” not sure they listened to it a few times if even once. Que sera sera..
    And kids- always remember- “Just like an opinion, everyone has an asshole,-some stink, some don’t. Live free!

  • Well made review. I got the same meaning out of the song; The promotions have been shameful, as she doesn’t admit which tracks were created by Corgan. I believe it is wonderful that she takes all the credit, because in this scenario the affairs with Billy Corgan and the Murder of her husband are no longer possible. She has such an inferiority complex, trying to be a strong woman, but she goes across it the completely wrong way. It comes out in her destructive behavior her coarse voice and her constant complaints about being an outcast. She constantly reiterates she needs to “Be a man” in order to attain success, but she does very little to break the cycle personally, and that is why Courtney and her music are redundant.

  • It’s purely terrible. How could anyone think that is good? I just don’t get it. There must be so many untalented, clueless people out there…..take some courses in music and hope for the best.

    Yea, everyone has an opinion but some people actually have intelligence and knowledge. I think the ones who don’t should keep their mouths shut.

    Courtney Love might be one of the most talentless, addicted, vapid whores to ever enter the music community. It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of human beings.