Our New Enemy: Killer Trees

03/15/2010 12:39 PM |

killer trees

The weekend of March 13, 2010 shall forever be known as “The Weekend the Trees Fought Back” (or possibly “Arbor Slay,” not sure yet). As this story reports, the number of 911 calls this past weekend topped the tally for those made around 9/11, as the New York area faced gusting winds up to 75 MPH (hurricane force), along with six inches of rain—nearly a half-million homes were without power at some point over the weekend. Sadly, at least six people were killed by uprooted trees, including a retired Brooklyn school teacher who was killed leaving a birthday party. Or as the Daily News rather portentously put it:

Julia Hughes was walking to her car, leaving her 5-year-old grandnephew’s birthday party on Long Island to drive back to Brooklyn, when death came.