President Obama to Withdraw Troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and Drug Wars

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03/22/2010 5:44 PM |


The Washington Independent‘s Mike Lillis looks at the subtle ways the Obama administration is taking a more nuanced stance on the “war on drugs” (remember when the government tried to sell the American public on policy initiatives by framing them as wars?), beginning with last year’s lifting of a long-standing ban on the federal funding of needle exchanges, and continuing with, among other things, a seeming openness to a more treatment-related stance towards addicts, and to penal reform.

This would be another of the ways in which having an actually progressive federal government leads to actually progressive day-to-day operations at the federal level (the Senate can’t block every nominee). Enjoy this news while it stays under the radar (that is, until such time as the White House walks it back in response to ads suggesting that the new healthcare bill will result in your tax dollars paying for the neighborhood junkie’s blood transfusions and clean needles).