Some Notes on Shows That Are Happening Tonight, March 26, a Really Good Night for Music in New York City

03/26/2010 1:34 PM |


According to Canadian music mag Exclaim!, Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade will be joining Spoon onstage tonight at Radio City to play guitar and sing some. If some of Spoon’s less-than-perfect new material starts to seems a little dry, may we suggest shifting your focus to Boeckner, whose entire body twitches with such intensity when he plays, he looks like a wound-up toy. The article goes on to give some details about Wolf Parade’s upcoming LP, which may or may not be a double album, slated for June on Sub Pop. There’s also a picture that suggests Spencer Krug currently has a moustache, a look I’m right now publicly asking him to reconsider.

Over at Mercury Lounge, this band called Pancho-san is opening for ex-Beulah frontman Miles Kurosky. I had never heard of them before, so last night I gave them a listen. Turns out they’re really good, incorporating an AM radio feel into sun-splashed, 60s-inspired pop that Wes Anderson could use in his next film. And, get this, two of its members were also in Beulah. It’s too perfect, what with them having an indie-cult following and Kurosky having enlisted several former bandmates to play on his new album, for them not to sing a Beulah song or two tonight just like the good ol’ days. Maybe? Please? God, I hope.

The Ruby Suns, whose main man Ryan McPhun has more talent making worldly, Panda Bear-esque electro-pop than anyone gives him credit for, is playing at Brooklyn Bowl for a measly $5 with chillwave dude Toro y Moi.

Lastly, we need to talk about should-be buzz band World Atlas for a moment. They sound like Belle & Sebastian. With a fairly constant rotating cast of members who split time between various other bands in the city (including Fred Thomas of Saturday Looks Good to Me), they’ve existed under the radar since forming in 2006, just now having properly released any sort of album — an EP, which they’re playing to support tonight at Bruar Falls. They sound like Belle & Sebastian, did we mention that already?

Pick a show and go.