Starbucks Coming to Williamsburg, Across from the Duane Reade, Beside the Disney Store

03/05/2010 12:52 PM |

Starbucks in Williamsburg

  • Pardon me while I politely loot a venti.

Yup. It would seem that a Starbucks is coming to Williamsburg, in place of the now legendary Bagel Store, across from the impending Duane Reade/Walgreen’s. Gothamist spoke with Bagel Store owner Scott Rosillo, who said the following:

Right now I’m paying $7,300 a month. [My landlord] told me, okay, I’ll give you a break and only raise the rent to $14,500 a month. We can’t afford that, but he says that’s what Starbucks can pay.

And then the landlord, Yehuda Backer, said this:

I myself haven’t been in touch with anybody [about taking over the space]. We gave [Rosillo] an offer and he refused. Taxes have gone up 20 times on this building.

And then Reverend Billy said this:

Starbucks imitates cultures that are original and uses images of cafe society back when it was dangerous, i. e. Cabaret Voltaire, Paris, the beats… to sell its non-Fair Trade bad coffee. Williamsburg should break the windows every morning and surround the landlord with shame. Bring back the Bagel Store!

To which I say: Amen, brother. One less local business, one more box store. Not good.

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  • Terrible news.

  • Breaking the windows is one way of getting their attention, though it’s also a way of getting thrown in jail. If people really want to give this the attention it deserves there should be mass protests organized via social sites and word on the street, etc. Why not make elaborate protests for both Duane Reed and Starbucks as well as any other corporate establishment that tries to do what they’ve done every other place they’ve been, which is totally ruin the livelihood of those around who came before while eventually destroying the fabric of the neighborhood.

    We complain incessantly about these things, but never do anything about it and before long we are at the counter ordering a latte from Starbucks just after picking up a prescription from Duane Reed. It sickening, but we are the reason for it. If we wanted to, we could be the end of it.

  • @Trichiliocosm

  • It’s really not THAT bad; I’m surprised it took this long, actually. Having grown up here, I can say that yes, it’s annoying, yes, it’s a travesty…but what did you expect? I know that what I don’t like is that a bunch of white kids have turned Williamsburg into a New England-like college town; complete with “do it yourself” shitty music venues, vegan cafes that suck, and they carry an all around ugly attitude to match their ugly plaid shirts. If you truly want all of that shit, then go back to the suburbs.
    Excuse me while I almost get hit by another aggressive fixed gear bike rider.