The Art Handling Olympics Are on Sunday

03/18/2010 2:30 PM |

Art Handler Olympics

Aside from the occasional little bit of loving from the Times, New York City’s unseen army of art handlers goes mostly, um, unseen. A select few (plus some visitors from D.C.) will get to strut their stuff and show their skills on Sunday at the first ever Art Handling Olympics (AHO), which will begin with all four members of each team participating in a qualifying art cart checkpoint race through Chinatown to be followed by four stages of competition at new-ish LES gallery Ramiken Crucible (221 East Broadway), with opening ceremonies scheduled for 3pm.

Those games will include challenges like the Static Hold, in which team members will have to hold up a heavy artwork while a ponderous curator looks it over, and Pack It In, which involves packing awkwardly shaped pieces into adequate shipping materials as quickly and effectively as possible. Humorously named art handler teams will include the Well Hung, the Navy Yard Destroyers and the 30 lb. Kids. Come out and show your support—no word yet on team colors, but it’s probably safe to assume some combination of black and flannel. Check out a funny AHO promo after the jump.

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