The New Kid Sister Video Was Shot at The L’s Favorite Doughnut Shop

03/24/2010 9:41 AM |

Last night the video for the latest single off Kid Sister’s debut album Ultraviolet, “Daydreaming” with Cee-Lo, showed up online. It’s not a very good song—including what is probably Cee-Lo’s most forgettable vocals ever—or video, except that the Chicago-based singer/rapper is very clearly working at Peter Pan Bakery (renamed “The Donut Hole” for the shoot), the awesome doughnut and coffee shop on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint upon which The L recently bestowed an award for preparing the city’s best donuts. Kid Sister even has the bakery employees’ dismissive aloofness down, staring out the window and talking to herself for like three minutes before handing us the cinnamon roll we asked for.