The Supreme Court: So Totally Passive-Aggressive All the Time

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03/08/2010 4:44 PM |


In his Times column on legal affairs, Adam Liptak notes that, as the ideological split on the Supreme Court continues to calcify, justices in the minority (so mostly liberals) are reading their dissents aloud from the bench with ever-greater frequency, “supplementing the dry reason on the page with vivid tones of sarcasm, regret, anger and disdain,” and just cold bein’ publicly incredulous at each other’s jurisprudence.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, especially, does this a lot. She’s also been known to tell Sam Alito “Ooh, I love your tie,” and Alito is like, “Thanks, my wife picked it out for me,” and then Sonia Sotomayor starts giggling uncontrollably and Alito is like “Um…?” and Ginsburg is like “Nothing, nothing. It’s a really nice tie.”