The Terrible Times We Live In: Bank Seizes Home and Parrot

03/10/2010 10:49 AM |

the foreclosed parrot

Depending on who you talk to, the economy is either going to be ok, or unemployment rates (especially for those with just high school or less) will lead to a revolution of unhinged white guys.

But perhaps the chief indicator of economic stability is number of parrots seized in home foreclosures, and right now America sits at one—one parrot was seized. I’m not sure if that’s a high number or a low number, but Pittsburgh resident Angela Iannelli thinks it’s worth a lawsuit, as she filed yesterday against Bank of America, who incorrectly foreclosed on her house last fall, sending in a zealous contractor who wrecked the place and… stole her parrot.

Luckily, after repeated calls to the bank, Ms. Iannelli was reunited with her beloved parrot who, for the purposes of clarity, I will call Karl Malden [pictured above right].