This Weekend: Poor Indie-Rock Bands Need Your Help

03/12/2010 4:35 PM |


It would be super nice of you to head over to Cake Shop this Saturday with $10 in your pocket and a fistful of Doritos. There will be a great big bunch of bands playing before they make their way to Austin for indie-rock spring break SXSW next week, including forever L Mag faves Darlings, My Teenage Stride, The Sundelles and lots of others you’re probably sick of us writing about. Here’s where the Doritos come in: Bands tend to be poor unless they’re U2, so not only will all door proceeds be split among each of them to help pay for gas, but there will be $2 Dos Equis for whoever brings snacks for their road trip.

Not that you guys care, but in college my school would organize a trip called “Dayton to Daytona” every year after graduation. Driving to Florida was pretty fun, but the way back to Ohio was not so much. That’s how I imagine the drive back from SXSW being: lots of headaches and maybe even a friend getting sick on you. Point is, bring a few bottles of water instead of Doritos? Sets are just 20 minutes, so get there early — doors at 7pm, tickets $10.