Today’s Most Annoying Facebook Thing: Disney Secrets

03/31/2010 5:00 PM |


My Facebook news feed has informed me several times today that friends have joined a group called “97% of People Have Never Seen Disney’s Most Shocking Hidden Message”. At first, I was happy to ignore it and assume it was one of those “the clouds in the background spell out a dirty word” things. But as more and more people joined I figured I’d just take a look. That was stupid.

First, I was told to become a fan of the page. Then I could move on to Step 2. Seriously? Why not ask for my credit card number?

Turns out this group is some stupid scam that makes you fill out a survey and spam your friends so you can visit virus-spreading websites. (The fake comment stream on the side gives it away.) Seriously, the Internet is stupid today.

If you want to see disturbing Disney stuff, you should have just asked us.

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  • This is too damn funny…

    A lifeless online personality (unfortunately, an actual human being) who hates on facebook but LIVES for ripping on it. What we have here is undeniably the world’s biggest online hypocrite. It must be a tough life pretending to hate on FB’s alleged pathetic group supporters but it’s evident the author can’t seem to get enough of them. Ladies and gentlemen, Henry Stewart has hit the official all-time low for “journalists” or “bloggers” or even “pitifully bored porn-addicts” hoping to find personal happiness in bluffing to be someone they’re not.

    If there is one thing to take from The Messenger today, check that, any day. It’s that this wannabe somebody is, and forever will be, a dismal and pretentious nothing in the cyber-world of useless and fictitious knowledge.

    And to think, this comment will be the most compelling writing on this web site! Ha!

  • hey all I can see is a guy writing about annoying Facebook facts for the day, that’s all it is, so who ever “whythiswritersuckssobad” is is the real clown, your the wanna be writer/reviewer. whdoyousucksobad? and then you ended with “Ha!” like that’s the icing on your shitty cake.

  • where is the like button?