Torontonian Bike Activist/Art Collective Marks Potholes with Stenciled Onomatopoeia

03/11/2010 1:24 PM |

Urban Repair Squad pothole onomatopoeia

Toronto’s street artist and bike activist collective Urban Repair Squad, known for making radical interventions in on-street signage to promote cyclists’ safety, recently unveiled a little project that could make bumpy, lumpy and cracking New York City streets much less dangerous. Their Pothole Onomatopoeia series appeared on Toronto’s Harbord Street recently, pointing out irregularities in the pavement with arrows and old school-Batman-style words like “THUNK!,” “OUCH!” and “OOF!” stenciled onto the street with bright spray paint. So many places in NYC need these badly, starting with almost every block in Dumbo, and long stretches of Chinatown side streets—I’m thinking, for instance, of Orchard between Grand and Canal, which is basically an off-road track right now. (WoosterCollective)