Trying to Stay on the Wagon for St. Patrick’s Day is Hard

03/17/2010 5:11 PM |

Jesus. It’s 5pm on St. Patrick’s Day and I’m painfully sober. For whatever reason, St. Paddy’s this year really just leaves me cold, so I thought I’d be perverse and try to go on the wagon for a bit (maybe because Monday night was so exhaustingly fun). Or maybe I’m just getting old (I just told a story to younger colleagues about how I slept in a vomit-flecked Parisian gutter on St. Patrick’s Day ten years ago and they’d tuned out by the time I got to the second pint of Guinness).

Going sober for St. Paddy’s felt good earlier, but now I feel like a kid locked inside on a snow day (possibly because of the image search I had to do for this post). The desire to get drunk, get in a fight, and have a good cry is pretty overwhelming right now. So instead, I’ll embed this staggeringly heartbreaking version of “In This Heart,” with Christy Moore and Sinead O’Connor. [Cries.]

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