Video: George W. Bush Shakes Hands with Haitian Person, Wipes Hand on Bill Clinton’s Shirt

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03/24/2010 2:54 PM |

Life, in many ways, was less stressful when Bush was president: not our fault, we could say to ourselves, and then move on to ignoring all the nation’s many problems and mocking Dubya for acting like a schmuck. Now that Bush is no longer president, and no longer displaying a basic disrespect for human intellect and decorum, his manglings of the English language and simple etiquette are even more amusing. Why, he’s just as lovably innocuous as Smilin’ Joe Biden in this video, shot this week in Haiti, as he and Bill Clinton greet the locals upon arrival for a relief mission. Yup, man of the people, reaching out, oh oh dear native man done touched my hand, better wipe it off on old Willy here, than stroke that shoulder again so it just looks like we’re gettin’ friendly, good thing there’s no cameras in Haiti, huh [Via]:

It’s touching, really, Bush’s concern over hand sanitation. Lady Macbeth would be so proud.

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