Why Are Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg Collabos Always So Good?

03/26/2010 5:40 PM |

Snoop and Jigga (who might won’t be a daddy soon) just collaborated on a remix (or, as Snoop puts it, a “G-mix”, which must be much better) of Snoop’s recent hit “I Wanna Rock.” It’s an incredible track, with both MCs in top form despite being way old, and even though neither rapper appears in the video (below), it’s very pretty, and another great collaboration in the two top-dogs’ short but spectacular set of duets. Jay just sounds amazing, and Snoop does an incredible riff on Rakim’s opening verse from “Microphone Fiend.” Check out two more Snoop n’ Jay collabos after the jump, plus another memorable, unexpected use of the “I wanna rock right now” sample.

The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” remix, in which Jay-Z disses R. Kelly masterfully: “Tell your lawyers take that civil case and drop it like it’s hot.”

And slightly less memorably, “Lollipop” with Nate Dogg and Soopafly:

And… DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, “I Wanna Rock”:

Have a nice weekend.

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  • Since your rhetorically titled post surely requires no answer (or rather, ‘they just are’ is well understood), I’ll reply by posing the following question (well, let’s call it a question) back to you:

    The Benjamin Sutton Mixtape? Ever? Never?

    We’d all be very grateful.

    Rather than carbon-date, I’ll cassette-date myself by saying that I do yet own a tape of the original “It Takes Two” single. Side B is the instrumental. Bass and EZ Rock could’ve retired right there.

    Serious about the mixtape.