Why NYC is Great: Free Hangover Cart Getting Ready for Your Post St. Paddy’s Pain

03/17/2010 4:33 PM |

shane macgowan

  • The great Shane MacGowan.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! While you’ve been spending the entire morning sneaking Bushmills into your coffee, I’ve been making plans to deal with tomorrow’s hangover (there’s not enough corned beef hash in the world to soak up the booze on St. Paddy’s.)

Lucky for me—and all the other fake Irish drunks—Tabasco has teamed up with celebrity chef and pig-meat lover Laurent Tourondel to bring us the “Tabasco Hangover Headquarters,” a FREE food truck that will be setting up shop in two Manhattan locations for tomorrow only.

Tourondel will be doling out gourmet versions of hangover friendly foods—you know, food designed to clear out the taste of smoke and hooker spit from your mouth. You can eat a smoked bacon pizetta, sirloin slider and fried egg sandwich and then go throw it up in the office bathroom!

The best part is that Tabasco Hangover Headquarters will also be serving up VIRGIN Bloody Mary’s (so bring a flask of vodka).

The hangover cart will appear in two locations tomorrow: 48th Street between Fifth and Sixth Aves from 7am to 9:30am and next to the Wall Street bull from noon to 2pm.

Drink responsibly (and wake up in a gutter that is close to one of these locations.)

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