Williamsburg- and Tokyo-Based Street Art Collective The Barnstormers Storm Chelsea

03/19/2010 12:55 PM |


Last night Chelsea was crawling with fair-weather gallery-goers, and despite openings for shows by big names like Marlene Dumas and Catherine Opie, the biggest, most enthusiastic crowd turned out for a huge show of new works by members of the Williamsburg- and Tokyo-based artists’ collective the Barnstormers spread over two floors at Joshua Liner Gallery. Hung not quite salon-style, with plenty of very strong, very weak, and very in-between work, the dominant aesthetic on the walls and in the crowd was a mix of hip-hop graffiti and indie street art, all set to a booming soundtrack of Ghostface blaring from a Mikal Hameed sculpture.

Though many of the individual pieces were interesting, the most interesting works were those that conveyed a sense of the collective’s creativity, like a wall-sized sculpture of painted and tagged speakers, and a nearby video (not unlike the one after the jump) of Barnstormers, seen from above, taking turns creating mural-sized paintings on their studio floor. Shown in sped-up motion, the succession of twenty or so compositions gives a great sense of the unique styles and common interests that make the group so vital. The Barnstormers exhibition at Joshua Liner continues through April 17.