A Terrifying Comparison of Glenn Beck and Rwandan Genocidal Propaganda

04/02/2010 3:44 PM |

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Cord Jefferson over The Awl has put together this frightening comparison of the language used by Hutu propagandists in the lead-up to the genocide of their Tutsi countrymen, to the outrage of Glenn Beck at progressives. Here are just two of many stark, unsettling juxtapositions:

(Radio-Télévision Libre des Milles Collines): “The [Tutsis] … are wicked and a wicked person always finds a way of performing evil arts.”
Glenn Beck: “I know who our czars are now. And this collection of these czars, these are evil people. These are wicked, crazy, frightening people.”


RTLM: “We then ask you seriously to help us and work with us on discovering and protesting against anyone who would still have evil plans of bringing us back to a worse situation. … give information to the soldiers, and all those who are in charge of security…
Glenn Beck: “I beg you, America, I beg you. Great and powerful evil is on our doorstep. Great and powerful evil is here. I beg you, read about the progressives.”

Cool right? Yeah, awesome.