Alec Baldwin Purchases Bookmobile, for Private Use

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04/06/2010 3:31 PM |


For decades, the Massapequa Library Bookmobile would roll around the Long Island town, spreading literacy and joy, until it broke down last summer, on account of being a 48-year-old trailer long weighed down by books and small children, who are known to jump up and down in excitement. (Bookmobiles are less common than in bygone days of unstructured playtime and greater library patronage, though you’ll still occasionally see a Biblioburro here and there.)

Now, Alec Baldwin, proud son of Nassau County and former Bookmobile patron, has purchased the Bookmobile from the library system.

Baldwin paid $1,000 for the Bookmobile, and had it towed to his home in the Hamptons.

Baldwin “might use it as a playhouse for children, or maybe just an office,” according to the library’s director, Patricia Page. He could not be reached for comment.

If you were Alec Baldwin, what would you do with a 48-year-old Bookmobile?

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