Alex Pareene to Leave Gawker for Salon, L Magazine Editors to Pretty Much Stop Reading Gawker

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04/07/2010 4:44 PM |


Alex Pareene, the NYU dropout who replaced Ana Marie Cox at Wonkette (where his Minnesota roots probably contributed to the frequency of posts making fun of nutso Land-o-Lakes Congresslady Michelle Bachman, raising an obscure wingnut backbencher to perverse national prominence) and has been the political commentator at Gawker for the past few years, during which we at the L have relished his ability to compress lots of complicated political backstory into brutally sarcastic run-on sentences broken up by the occasional “So!”, will be leaving Gawker for, the Observer‘s John Koblin (who reported on Pareene’s near-departure in late 2008) reports.

This makes sense, as Gawker is increasingly a conglomeration of wildly disparate writers with their own post-quota fiefdoms, whereas Salon has an established political voice, and could probably stand to be funnier, if they’re going to hack it on the internet. (We assume it will still be Pareene’s responsibility to be funny.)