American Anarchists to Battle Tea Partiers on April 15th

04/01/2010 2:21 PM |


  • “You guys find these things a little sweaty?”

Damn it. I just realized “Tax Day” is coming up…

But for once this year, I’m not stressed about my actual taxes, I’m just depressed at the thought of all the hot/loud/stupid Tea Bag action that’s going to fill the airwaves (though they don’t seem quite ready yet). April 15th, 2009 serves for many as the true birth of a “national” Tea Party movement, so I can only imagine the hysterical rallies of misinformed bitters demanding weird nonsensical things and holding up obliquely racist signs, all in celebration of their anniversary.


Anarchists! Hooray! Various anarchist groups are calling for anti-racist counter-protests wherever tea partiers gather, because “If the tea party movement takes over this country they will really hurt poor people by getting rid of social programs…” No shit. Also, amen. Honestly, though, I’m not hugely optimistic about a large enough anarchist presence showing up across the country to the extent that any significant disruptions will take place, but one can always hope.

I will say, by way of optimism, that I was once caught in a pitched battle between anarchists and avowed fascists in Prague, in the lead up the WTO meetings way back in 2000. It was spectacular and kind of wonderful, and made me think of Orwell’s old “worker vs. cop, I know whose side I’m on” line. The “battle” itself was like a bench-clearing brawl in a hockey game combined with the ragged, open-field skirmishing of rugby; the most dangerous thing I caught sight of was a pine one-by-two (the kind used to hold up flimsy signage) which was more brandished than wielded. The whole thing didn’t last very long. After punches had been thrown and bruised fists had been raised (I think it stopped because people got winded) I went and got drunk with a couple of anarchists, who ended up missing the next day’s protest.

Not surprisingly, the Freepers are salivating at the prospect of getting to smash some liberal face. This summer is going to be so awesome and fun.

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  • Apparently anarchy involves offering material support to a tax-supported multilayered state-run bureaucracy to administer social programs? JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT COULDN’T GET ANY MORE AWESOME.

  • well somebody’s gotta do it. . . .

    by Leslie Fish

    The FBI has come up with a really clever new CoIntelPro trick, and has taught it to a lot of state and local police departments, as the recent news reveals. They take some undercover cops, dress them as Punks or Goths, hide their faces with masks, stick signs in their hands that identify them as Anarchists, and then send them out to attack Libertarian rallies, such as Tea Party rallies, Downsize DC marches, and so on.

    This, of course, is in addition to the media

  • Noam Chomsky suggesting that the Tea Parties are not just a fascist front but a matter of people with real grievances about the crisis:

    The only anarchists that you can be absolutely sure aren’t retarded kids or police provocateurs are the ones that speak in front of panels with nice degrees. This isn’t to say the rest of the activists are all retarded (many of them are very intelligent) but if you want to be sure, focus on the argument and not on the action. The state has an incentive at any time to remove any threats to its self-presevation, that includes anti-systemic threats from the right as well as the left. COINTELPRO, for example, did not just target left-wing movements but also groups like the KKK.

    The Tea Parties are breeding grounds for reactionary sentiment but only because it can exploit legitimate sentiments that are essentially anti-capitalist but covered in the veneer of nationalism and anti-communism. Anarchists should not be fighting these people, they should be co-opting them. All of the organizing effort, etc is paid for. This should be an opportunity for left and anti-capitalist analysis (like the kind in the pamphlet above) to be promoted but instead anarchists are deciding to essentially side with the oppressor — namely, corporate banks, the state, the police, the IRS, Obama, the Democratic and Republican Parties which both voted in favor of massive bailouts to capital and heavy spending on private insurance companies, cops, military, etc. They are in that sense, counter-revolutionary.