American Idol Results: The Judges Save Mike Lynche

04/08/2010 11:30 AM |


Oh god, here we go again. At the beginning of last night’s show, Ryan Seacrest declared that the evening’s results would be shocking, and he was right: after a somewhat polarizing performance of “Eleanor Rigby” on Tuesday, Big Mike Lynche was the lowest vote-getter. He was afforded the opportunity to sing his way back into the competition via the “judges’ save,” and he did, with another masterful performance of “This Woman’s Work” by Maxwell.

And now, of course, we have to wonder how this happened: Does America share my opinion that Mike is an infuriatingly arrogant, camera-whoring oaf whose every movement is so tasteless and hopelessly out-dated that even his admittedly impressive voice winds up being nowhere near enough to redeem him? Or is it simply a question of demographics—of the show’s audience being young and white enough to fall for people like Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly?

Tempting as it is to chalk it up to race, it’s also worth noting that America has a hard time voting for contestants who seem to think. Go back to earlier in the season and consider the case of Lily Scott, an outstanding and genuinely interesting singer who was sent packing way before her time, primarily, it seemed, because she had sort of a bad attitude: she thought she was cooler than the show, that she knew better than the judges. Maybe she was and maybe she did—who knows. The point, though, is that once you give people the sense that you don’t care about or need their votes because, pff, you’re gonna be alright no matter what, well, then you stop getting them.

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  • If I had your email, I’d tell you this privately, sorry: “whose” not “who’s”

    Mike didn’t seem arrogant, though. And neither did Lily, really. C-Box is the closest thing to arrogant (she isn’t) and people seem to love her. I think Tween Steam is the problem here. How is a 12-yr-old white girl supposed to connect to Big Mike? (please don’t answer that)

  • Thanks. I disagree, though — Lily was pretty clear about finding the whole ordeal sort of ridiculous, I thought. From saying she had no idea what the judges were looking for, to later saying her fanbase doesn’t watch Idol. She seemed, from day one, just a little too cool for school, and I think people picked up on that.

    With Mike, it’s definitely more subtle. But in literally every single move he makes, I see a guy who thinks he’s functioning on a different level–artistically, personally–than everyone else. I give him credit, really, for being so confident, but I can’t help but think it’s working against him in some ways. Voting for a guy who seems to think there’s no way you won’t vote for him isn’t very fun, basically.