Anarchists Arrested in Bushwick: Who Will Fight the Tea Party Now?

04/15/2010 10:41 AM |


  • Not Walt Whitman.

Well, this is shitty. Yesterday, cops entered a multi-unit building on Morgan Avenue in Bushwick and came out with two alleged anarchists, arrested for missing court dates on minor infractions. The Brooklyn Paper quoted one fellow resident, a filmmaker who would only give her first name, Priya (likely Priya Reddy), as saying “it felt like a raid,” as a total of six cops entered the building and began a search.

The timing of this raid (two days before the Anarchist Book Fair and Film Festival) is highly suspicious.

Residents reported a sudden shut-off of electricity and Internet in the morning which, as a former squat resident, I can tell you is an unsettling foreshadowing of police action. Also, six cops for two guys who missed court dates? Sure, I relish a time when anarchists were scary enough to warrant serious police presence (Czarist Russia?), but c’mon, the building in question is known locally as the “hipster flophouse.”

And for all you deskside post-caring types (like me! sometimes!), please put aside your anonymous dismissals of people who call themselves “anarchists.” Contemporary society is a deeply fucked place, and the exploration of anarchist principles as a means of organizing resistance is as legitimate a response to the cognitive dissonance of modern existence as any of our fizzy self-medicating bromides (more so!).

So, thanks for still existing, anarchists. I just hope there are enough of you left to fight the Tea Party today.

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  • Though I fear that the following might be mildly suggestive of an air of apathy, bromidic or otherwise, allow me to assure you that it’s not. It’s just a question, I dare say a good one. It might even be in two parts.

    But first, the partially anonymous anarchist, Priya, is quoted saying:

  • i’m thinking baudrillard and zizek… arrests like these give us the idea that someone out there is doing something about the state of the world. they are, in fact, placating arrests: as long as dissidence is being reported – and being reported in the report of arrests no matter how minor – the main body of the population can rest easy and know that there are a few people out there still standing up for something and getting arrested for it. it’s like warm milk: it let’s us go back to sleep.