And Speaking of Crazy Old Action Movie Stars, Here’s Mickey Rourke’s German Non-Alcoholic Beer Commercial

04/13/2010 3:30 PM |

Mickey Rourke in Bavaria non-alcoholic beer ad

Former boxer, and Oscar-nominee for playing a former wrestler Mickey Rourke really lets loose in this German commercial (embedded after the jump) for Bavaria’s new non-alcoholic beer, and channels a little bit of Jack Nicholson in The Shining while storming through his hotel (in a bathrobe!), yelling at his mischievous bartender, “Get me a fucking beer!” (in Germany, you can swear on TV—in English), cozying up with his rebound mini-dog and tossing a mini-fridge from his suite window. Little does he know, the beer that so disgusted him in his hotel room fridge is the same one being served to him on the sly by the subversive Bavarian barkeep. (NextRound)

Granted, it’s no Tarantino hawking Japanese dog-shaped cell phone accessories, but then what is?

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