Arizona Legislature “Prepared to Do Battle” with Illegal Immigrants

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04/14/2010 11:25 AM |

The Arizona House of Representatives.
  • The Arizona House of Representatives.

On a party-line vote, the Republicans of the Arizona House yesterday passed a new immigration bill that would, among other things, per the AP, “create a new state misdemeanor crime of willful failure to complete or carry an alien registration document. It would allow officers to arrest immigrants unable to show documents proving they’re legally in the country.”


Illegal immigration to Arizona has dipped with the economy. But, says one of the bill’s supporters, Representative John Kavanagh, as the economy returns, “so too will the illegal immigrants — larger, stronger and more destructive than they were several years ago… We need to put this law in place now so that when the new illegal immigrants come, we’re prepared to do battle with them.”

Another component of the bill “would allow people to sue if they feel a government agency has adopted a policy that hinders the enforcement of illegal immigration laws,” because god knows there aren’t already enough outlets available for the average frothing Arizona protectionist.

Opponents to the registration-document provision will doubtless say, “but what of the legal worker who simply didn’t carry his documents with him when he left the house to go to the store? How will he prove his status?” I have an idea. And hey, that way, when the “battle” comes…