Artist Takes Pack of Hikers To Walk in Rememberance of Hal, the Coyote

04/01/2010 1:49 PM |

Coyote Hal

Though this year has been especially fortuitous for coyote sightings in Manhattan—in Chelsea, in Tribeca, in Central Park, etc.—none have quite lived up to the showmanship of Hal (pictured, R.I.P.), a one-year-old coyote who led authorities all over Central Park on a two-day chase back in March 2006 at the end of which he was tranquilized and captured, dying before he could be released back into the wild in Westchester County, where he was believed to have come from.

In remembrance of that great trickster, performance artist Dillon De Give has held a series of commemorative ceremonies for Hal, culminating last year with a solo walk from Central Park to Westchester, retracing the wild animal’s journey in reverse. This year, De Give is reprising the walk, dubbed the “Lah Journey“, and taking some friends along for the hike up the Hudson. You can see them off with cheers and “spiritual verbalizations” tomorrow during a send-off ceremony between 9-10am at the Hallett Sanctuary in Central Park.