Barack Obama: Mass Bike Thief?

04/22/2010 4:13 PM |

Barack Obama backstabbing bike-hater

  • “Hahaha… I just stole your bikes!”

Prominent Washington, D.C., politician Barack H. Obama, angered that New York City (which he visited this morning to give a speech at Cooper Union in which he made fun of bankers) was seeded higher than his little town on Bicycling Magazine‘s list of the most bike-friendly cities in the Union, requested that all bikes along his motorcade route be clipped and removed—presumably to be planted conspicuously on streets in D.C. to skew future bike-friendliness studies (or, maybe, for fear that they somehow posed a security threat).

According to ThisIsFYF, the NYPD was more than happy to comply (because they are also bike-haterz, you know?), cutting locks and loading bicycles into a truck without posting advance notifications or telling confused bike-less cyclists on the scene what would happen to their disappeared vehicles. Happy Earth Day!

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  • From what I have heard, posters were up all week that the bikes needed to be moved as they were in the way of space needed for crowds on the side walk during the presidential visit.

  • From Gothamist:
    “When asked if any signs were put up in advance to notify bike owners, the officer said, “No, they just did this because the president was coming and they didn’t want anything on the sidewalks. You’re not supposed to lock you bike to signposts anyway, they have those new bike racks you’re supposed to use.””
    More racks please!…