Baristas of the World Slope Unite!

04/14/2010 11:57 AM |


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The entire seven-or-so-person staff of Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee quit over the weekend because one of the two owners created a “perpetually malicious, hostile, and demeaning work environment” in which they couldn’t work one more day. Wow! The store remains closed with no plans to reopen in the near future.

The undespised owner told the Times the staff’s decision was “a complete surprise” and “characterize[d] their workplace as one that is mostly happy if often busy.” On the other hand, the staff, in a collective e-mail message, wrote “a collective instant resignation was an agreed upon last resort and not a bargaining chip. It was simply that without change, we all felt unwilling to undergo another day in that environment.”

Isn’t it amazing, in a he-said-she-said disagreement between owners and workers, how easy it is to decide whom to trust?

Meanwhile, at Gothamist, the discussion in the comments section is about whether or not the story is newsworthy at all. “How many coffee shops and restaurants have closed down in NYC over the past few years? Hundreds, I’d say,” one commenter writes. “But ONE lousy coffee shop has labor problems, and Gothamist is all over it. If this coffee shop were in the Bronx, nobody would give a shit.”

In happy related news, news websites may soon try to put an end to anonymous comments, the Times reported on Monday. It’s probably time, as the Internet is now controlled by the loudest (here) and stupidest (here) people. Thin their ranks through shame!

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