Bike and Pedestrian Path Improvements To Temporarily Turn Williamsburg Bridge Into Crazy Gauntlet Starting Tomorrow

04/05/2010 3:04 PM |

Williamsburg Bridge bike path

As mentioned last month, a new Department of Transportation plan is afoot to separate cyclists and pedestrians on the city’s most bike and pedestrian trafficked bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge. According to StreetsBlog, construction will start on that project tomorrow, with the South side of the bike-pedestrian path (pictured) closed first for resurfacing and improved signage, and then the North side. Can you imagine all that bicycle and foot traffic funneling down the steep, narrow ramp at the Williamsburg end of the South side path? Scary!

No construction timeline has been released, but hopefully it won’t take long because that is a seriously scary prospect. Maybe consider taking the Manhattan and Queensborough bridges if you can instead. After the construction things will supposedly look nice and cleanly separated, like in the graphic at right. How exactly this separation will be achieved remains a mystery. Technically, there are already signs suggesting that the North side is for cyclists and the South side for pedestrians, but nobody seems to pay any attention—they’re also covered with graffiti more often than not.

planned williamsburg bridge improvements

In other possibly promising news, Transportation Alternatives will be polling morning bike commuters tomorrow morning at the Manhattan end of the Williamsburg Bridge on their ideas and suggestions for improving the deadly Delancey Street onramp approach.