Bikes Obama/NYPD Stole Yesterday Available Monday Before Noon

04/23/2010 1:57 PM |

Barack Obama stolen bikes will be returned

After the cruel irony of yesterday’s massive bike-jacking along Houston Street by the NYPD on behalf of President Obama’s Earth Day Wall Street Day visit, Gothamist made some calls and found out that all the removed bikes a) should not have been locked to sign posts in the first place, but to the plentiful bike racks lining the streets; and b) can be picked up from the 7th Precinct (19 1/2 Pitt Street) on Monday anytime before noon.

You’d better be able to describe your bicycle really accurately, or have a picture of yourself with/on it handy. At the stroke of twelve, they will all be detonated, or melted down and cast into new bike racks, or something. (Hey, look, it’s that Shepard Fairey mural in the backdrop in the bike removal photo at right!)
(photo: Martha Cooper)