Brooklyn Paper Reaches Apotheosis of Nonsense With Opera Feud Article

04/21/2010 2:39 PM |

Cavaliere Ufficiale Aldo Mancusi

  • Cavaliere Ufficiale Aldo Mancusi

Someone said something, so the Brooklyn Paper reported it. A hard-to-follow story published today, carefully edited for puns but not for clarity, reports that the former director of the Enrico Caruso Museum of America plans to sue the current curator of the institution.

Before we try to figure out on what grounds—there’s an Enrico Caruso Museum of America?

Apparently, as you’ll discover several paragraphs down, Brooklyn-resident Aldo Mancusi runs the “institution” out of the attic of his house in Homecrest. (Hang on again: there’s a neighborhood called Homecrest? Yes, it’s between Gravesend and Gerritsen.) It’s dedicated to honoring the Italian tenor, the Billie Holiday of opera. (Well, the dude version of that. Seriously, though, listen.)

The Paper reports that “on April 9…[former Artistic Director Luciano] Lamonarca was scheduled to sing an aria at Borough Hall to recognize 15 years of the museum’s dedication to the late Italian tenor.” But at the last minute Mancusi replaced him with a different singer—and, to add insult to injury, with a bass!

Mancusi fires back: ““I have no idea what he’s talking about — it was a world-class tenor.”

The L fires back: “I have no idea why this is being reported on.”