Brooklyn State Senator Kevin Parker Calls Republican Colleagues “White Supremacists,” Should’ve Gone Further

04/29/2010 12:23 PM |


  • A traditional Albany “circle of death” ceremony.

If there’s one thing the American body politic can handle with intelligence and decorum, it’s the deeply complicated legacy of slavery, specifically the latent injustices of a programmatically racist economic system and the grievances resultant thereof. Hahaha, totally j/k.

So when State Senator Kevin Parker (Brooklyn represent!) calls some of his Republican colleagues in Albany “white supremacists” for the way they interviewed a black Power Authority nominee (N.B. not a Black Power authority nominee), is anyone really surprised?

Of course, state Republicans are demanding Parker be censured by his own party, which will probably happen, which makes me wish that Parker had actually said, “You and your party have been tapping into the powerless paranoia of an aging generation of increasingly disenfranchised working-class whites who are deeply uncomfortable with a black man in the White House, all for the most cynical short-term political gains, with little consideration for the poisoned landscape that will result from such calculated scorched-earth demagoguery. So really, you’re either deeply racist, or deeply cynical. God have mercy on your souls.” I would’ve liked to hear that.

One Comment

  • Diana Williams, once again showed america what racist white supremacists look and act like. During her interview with Senator Kevin Parker. She played the same old race card, by demanding that an African American apologize to a bunch of white racist scum dogs, for simply telling the truth. Whites in america continue to ignore, lie, deflect and blame the victims of their racist political and socially repugnant policies, while demanding that African Americans simply dance happily along while our rights are violated and ignored. Sen Parker was right on, in his statements. This is the typical reaction of the white racist media, Blame the victims of racism for reacting in a hostile manner to the white racist dogs sick racist mentality. The facts which Ms. Williams refused to discuss, clearly speak for themselves. Not one African American, Latino, Asian, female or person of color has ever sat on the board. Mr. Parkers bold and truthful statements in no way diminishes or take away from the facts at hand. It is the racist white media that attempts to and all to often succeeds in distorting the facts, that it presents to the public, that cloud the conscious reality and perception of its viewers .Those racist scum better be glad that all Mr. Parker did was yell. My Grandmother advised me at a very young age, that the only good republican is a dead republican. Decades later her statements have proven to be 100 percent correct. On Ms. Williams next broadcast, I suggest that you dress her in a white hood and robe, as what she truly represents is clear and expected.