Brooklyn State Senator Kevin Parker Calls Republican Colleagues “White Supremacists,” Should’ve Gone Further

04/29/2010 12:23 PM |

  • A traditional Albany “circle of death” ceremony.

If there’s one thing the American body politic can handle with intelligence and decorum, it’s the deeply complicated legacy of slavery, specifically the latent injustices of a programmatically racist economic system and the grievances resultant thereof. Hahaha, totally j/k.

So when State Senator Kevin Parker (Brooklyn represent!) calls some of his Republican colleagues in Albany “white supremacists” for the way they interviewed a black Power Authority nominee (N.B. not a Black Power authority nominee), is anyone really surprised?

Of course, state Republicans are demanding Parker be censured by his own party, which will probably happen, which makes me wish that Parker had actually said, “You and your party have been tapping into the powerless paranoia of an aging generation of increasingly disenfranchised working-class whites who are deeply uncomfortable with a black man in the White House, all for the most cynical short-term political gains, with little consideration for the poisoned landscape that will result from such calculated scorched-earth demagoguery. So really, you’re either deeply racist, or deeply cynical. God have mercy on your souls.” I would’ve liked to hear that.