Clash Manager Causes Scene at Malcolm McLaren’s Funeral, Much Like You Did at Your High School

04/26/2010 10:56 AM |

Punks will be punks, I guess, even while mourning the death of other punks. During memorial services for Malcolm McLaren, former Clash manager Bernie Rhodes spoke out of turn at two different points—once to warn people that McLaren should not be viewed as a John Lennon-type saint figure, which I don’t understand, and once to tell Vivienne Westwood that she is totally not punk. The entire NME gossip item after the jump.

Former Clash manager Bernie Rhodes caused a scene at Malcolm McLaren’s funeral at Highgate Cemetery, London last week (April 22) by shouting at mourners on two separate occasions, it has emerged. Rhodes initially walked down the aisle uninvited and exclaimed: “If we’re not careful we’re going to turn Malcolm into John Lennon, into a saint. Malcolm was no saint.” Later, during a reading by McLaren’s former partner Vivienne Westwood, Rhodes again interrupted proceedings. “This is about Malcolm, not you!” he is said to have shouted at the fashion designer. “You’re part of the establishment now!” In reply, Westwood apparently sighed and said: “I thought this might happen,” before calling Rhodes by his first name of “Bernie”. He then shouted back: “It’s Bernard! Bernard Rhodes!”