Colin Meloy to Write Young Adult Novels and Other Stuff I Don’t Really Care About

04/30/2010 1:30 PM |

Is it me, or is this shaping up to be a super boring day on the internet? I do not care to write about Colin Meloy’s new book deal (a road we’ve been down once before), or about the terrible Kele Okereke song I wisely slept on when it surfaced a couple days ago, or about how John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics to “A Day in the Life” are expected to fetch almost a million dollars at auction this summer, or, honestly, even about Lala shutting down. It’s nice out, you see, and it is Friday, and it’s our seventh birthday, and even though I’m working from home so that I can help look after my two-week-old daughter, I’m mostly just waiting for someone (Jonny?) to email me and tell me when I’m allowed to open up a beer. (Or, you know, take the kid for a walk.)