Controversial Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Tells CNN All About Blogs and Twitter

04/06/2010 2:31 PM |

Last month Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiweiâ�‚��€œwho’s been the target of much censorship in his home country for being very overtly critical of its government, particularly in light of his activism following the 2008 earthquake in Szechuanâ�‚��€œwas interviewed on CNN. In the segment he discussed his work and many conflicts with the authorities in China—both online, by way of Twitter and blogs, and very physically after a police beating last fall. The best parts of the conversation with Christiane Amanpour have nothing to do with Weiwei’s work, but are about the potential uses for social media for substantial political activism. (ArtBeast)

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Part 2:

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