Eat Off These Specially Designed Blogger Pants and Don’t Miss a Beat

04/22/2010 3:19 PM |

blogger lunch pants

Yesterday, while trying to eat lunch and blog at the same time, I spilled couscous on myself. Not, like, accidentally showered myself in pounds of the stuff, but definitely lost a couple of fork-fulls in my lap. And tiny couscous grains are so hard to pick up! If only I’d been wearing Spanish design lab Mitemite‘s Lazy Sunday Pants (pictured), a €50 pair of sweatpants modified with some Velcro and classic checkered picnic tablecloth fabric to create the perfect impromptu eating surface for someone eating on the go and/or extremely lazy. Clearly this is the only reasonable solution to my couscous-spilling problem. (DesignYouTrust)