Fabolous Daydreams During Shift at Meatpacking Plant in New “I’m Raw” Video

04/07/2010 4:29 PM |

Fabolous Im Raw video

Last week he was dropping bodies in Dumbo, and this week, in the next video from his There is No Competition mixtape (download here or here) for the moody banger “I’m Raw,” Fabo is slaving away in a meatpacking plant and butcher shop, dreaming of being a big rap star one day. His hilarious rhymes are certainly good enough, like the following: “As suspect as R. Kelly with girl scout cookies”; “You looking for your girl?/Oh she just left/her and my dick just became BFFs/then I threw her out like Jazzy J-E-F-F”; and my favorite, “My shit bananas/like a monkey number two.” If you don’t like close-ups of raw meat, you won’t want to watch the video, after the jump. (Complex)

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