Follow the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Twitter Production of Romeo and Juliet, Such Tweet Sorrow

04/13/2010 12:25 PM |

twitter shakespeare

Over the next month or so the Royal Shakespeare Company, in collaboration with production company Mudlark, is presenting a free adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet being staged in real time on Twitter. They’re only two-days into Tim Wright and Bethan Marlow’s contemporary adaptation of the Bard’s classic tragic romance, Such Tweet Sorrow, so you can follow @julietcap16 (Charlotte Wakefield), @LaurenceFriar (Geoffrey Newland) and more as the cast of professional actors tweet their lines and respond to followers. The latest, from @Jess_Capulet:

@julietcap16 Jules, Tybalt isn’t picking up. Have you heard from him? Is he on here? Can u msg him? He’s coming to the Memorial…right? xx

If you follow their live timeline there’s even the occasional TwitPic! The next Shakespeare Twitter adaptation should definitely be Much Ado About Nothing. (Channel4)