Game, Prepping New Album, Drops Another Several Hundred Bars-Long Freestyle

04/15/2010 2:40 PM |

The Game 400 Bars

The L.A. gangsta rapper Game, back when he was “The Game,” got into the habit of releasing these massive freestyles that were named for the number of bars he rapped in each. It started with the 50 Cent diss “100 Bars,” followed by the excellent “200 Bars and Runnin'” (below), the G-Unit diss “240 Bars (Spider Joke),” the epic “300 Bars and Runnin'” (below), which was quickly upstaged by “360 Bars.” Now (phew), with his next record, The R.E.D. Album due on June 15, Game just released his latest, the extra-epic, 20-minute freestyle “400 Bars” (below). These are easily among the best songs of Game’s career, and as long as he keeps pushing his freestyles I’m happy to overlook his so-so albums. Check ’em all out after the jump.

“200 Bars and Runnin'”:

“300 Bars and Runnin'”:

And the new “400 Bars”: