Gay Rights Under Obama Move Forward (Slowly, But Still…)

04/16/2010 11:59 AM |

death bed

Stories of gay couples separated by hospital bureaucracy—as one partner lay dying—have always been hard to stomach for any thoughtful, intelligent, decent person. So there’s a little good news today as the thoughtful, intelligent, decent person we elected to the Presidency feels the same way.

Apparently President Obama’s decision last night—to change the rules that allow hospitals to use an antiquated definition of “family” to keep families apart—was catalyzed by a New York Times story about Janice Langhben and Lisa Pond. Partners for 18 years, with four children, Ms. Langhben (and the kids!) were not allowed to see Ms. Pond as she lay dying from a brain aneurysm—she died alone. (Jesus, just thinking about it makes me want to kill.)

Though it’s not particularly earth-shattering, hopefully this announcement will at the very least prevent situations like this from ever happening again. Because America’s not a cruel, unthinking society right?