Goodbye, It’s Been a Blast

04/01/2010 10:33 AM |

Dear Beloved Readers,

It is with a heavy (though happy) heart that I tell you this morning the following news: beginning next week I will be starting work as an online editor at The New Yorker. Yup, that august publication is really looking to expand its online presence in this new decade, and they’ve pegged me to help.

I cannot even being to enumerate the wonderful times I’ve had here at The L Magazine, so for now, I won’t even try. Let me just take a moment to thank some very special people: Sheila, Brad and Wendy in marketing, Donatella in the front office, Roger on the warehouse floor, Ian, Beth and Ian in online sales, Chad and Theresa in events, Nancy (sorry about the terrible expense reports), and of course, my wonderful staff, Lisa, Channing, Murray, Kim, Rita and Louis—you guys have been amazing.

That’s all for now… Thanks everyone.


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