Happy Tax Day Tea Party Day?

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04/15/2010 3:12 PM |

The Mad Hatter asks Alice if shes ever seen a copy of Obamas birth certificate.

  • The Mad Hatter asks Alice if she’s ever seen a copy of Obama’s birth certificate.

Happy tax day! Teapartypatriots.org can help you find the tea party nearest you, so that you can say to the federal government: enough! Enough making all wage-earners contribute equally to Social Security and Medicare, while not requiring nearly enough support from the people who profit the most from our society! (CNN asks the Socialist Party USA: “Is Obama a Socialist?” The answer may surprise you, if you are completely unfamiliar with the definition of “socialism.”)

Anyway, if you hate your neighbor and think his welfare is in no way related to your own, you should attend Tea Party 365’s Tax Day Tea Party up around Penn Station this evening. Lou Dobbs will be there! And also Mike Church: “A man, a myth and a machine of clear Constitutional thought. An author, filmmaker and singer/songwriter, Mike uses facts to promote the singular notion that in order to save our future, we must look back to the principles our beloved union was founded upon. Mike also has a habit of using brilliant parody songs to make a serious political point.”

Large tax day protests are currently ongoing in our nation’s capital.