How Many Tea Party Protesters Were in Midtown Yesterday?

04/16/2010 2:21 PM |

Maybe this should just get filed under Things That Are Obvious, but one of these sentences is not like the others.

Here’s a sentence from the Daily News‘ coverage of yesterday’s New York Tea Party protests:

Hundreds of Tea Party protesters held a rally in front of the James A. Farley Post Office in midtown Manhattan on Thursday night…

And here are are two sentences from the NY Post story on same:

An estimated 2,000 people swarmed around the [James A. Farley Post Office] carrying signs and waving American flags. To accommodate the crowd, cops cordoned off several blocks of Eighth Avenue south of 32nd Street.

And here’s the New York Times:

In Manhattan, about 700 demonstrators were confined behind metal barriers just outside the main Post Office on Eighth Avenue. It appeared that the authorities had expected a larger crowd. Only about a third of a second confinement area, between West 30th and West 29th Streets, was filled, and a third was empty.

Oh journalism, you’re just one, big unreliable, unfunny blog.