Iraq War Vet to Take Dog on 7,000-Mile Protest Walk, Will Need a Lot of Poop Bags

04/16/2010 4:13 PM |

troy yokum and emmie

This is pretty cool. Troy Yokum, an Iraq War vet, is pissed off at the shitty economic straights of returning veterans (who’ve seen old jobs lost, houses in foreclosure, and just generally bad news) so he’s going to walk across country with his faithful little dog, Emmie, a Shiba Inu, to raise awareness (and money).

I’ve long had a fantasy (based on movies like I Am Legend and the first Mad Max) of wandering across a post-Apocalyptic America with my dogs, foraging for food and wielding some kind of hybrid human-canine justice wherever we went…. Which isn’t really much like what this guy’s doing. Anyway, have a nice weekend.

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  • That is cool. But the word you’re looking for is “straits,” not “straights.” Unless you’re talking about poker hands.


  • yeah, what she said. also, it’s his sister’s dog, according to the story i read about him. not that that lessens the coolness of the effort, though i wish he’d adopt a shelter dog and talk up animal rescue while he has people’s ears.
    that dog is going to have to take like 10 billion steps to walk that many miles…

  • That dog will be hot with soccer legs. DROOL.