Killer Undersea Supervolcanoes! (Mr. Emmerich, Your Script is Ready)

04/12/2010 2:53 PM |


  • Sadly, their careers survived.

Oh no! Just when you thought you had all your paranoid fears about the Apocalypse itemized and planned for, science goes ahead and surprises us with a new one: KILLER DEEP-SEA SUPERVOLCANOES. (Also the name of my new Japanese noise-rock project.)

And when I say “killer” I’m talking about species-wide extinction-level killer, which would be sad for us, insofar as we don’t yet know what happens on TV’s Lost. So, science tells us the following:

‘Supervolcanoes’ emitted large amounts of gases and particles into the atmosphere, and re-paved the ocean floor [… leading to]: Loss of species, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and changes in ocean circulation.

Thanks science!