Look At These Appetizing Photos from Jennifer Rubell’s Brooklyn Ball Spread Last Night

04/23/2010 4:31 PM |

Brooklyn Ball at Brooklyn Museum

Last night wealthy Brooklyn Museum patrons were treated to one of Jennifer Rubell’s epic food installation performances for the institution’s annual Brooklyn Ball gala, which, as previously reported, ended with the smashing of a giant pinata in the shape of Andy Warhol’s head. Included in the spread: suspended melting blocks of cheese inspired by Bruce Nauman’s Ten Heads Circle/Up and Down (1990), champagne dispensers inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s infamous urinal Fountain (1917)—ew!—and a potato chip installation (pictured) made to evoke by Jackson Pollock’s One: Number 31 (1950), in which diners squeezed out tubes of paint-like toppings onto a giant pile of crisps. Check out more delicious photographs of the evening on the BK Museum’s Flickr page. (Have some food ready within reach; artful foodie decadence is really mouth-watering.)